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How to Keep a High-Quality Dream Journal

When you are aware that you are in a dream state, while you are dreaming, you are having a lucid dream. Keeping a dream journal is an easy way for you to both improve the quality and clarity of your dreams, while helping you achieve lucid dreams more frequently.  In fact, if you’re already in the habit of keeping a dream journal, we can teach you how to have a lucid dream tonight. The concept of a dream journal is simple: immediately after you wake up, write down in your diary all the information about the dreams you just had. If you want to keep a high-quality dream journal that will expedite the process, however, there are some key habits you must form.

Keep It Close and Use it Quick

Unless you focus on remembering your dreams as soon as you wake up, the details will fade quickly.  It is important to keep a journal or notebook and pen  close to your bed so that you record  as much information as possible.  If you do something else, such as go to the bathroom or even think about the day ahead, portions of the dream will be erased.  The accuracy and detail of the dream journal are vital to achieving lucid dreams.

Mark Down the Date

One of the most entertaining aspects of keeping a dream journal is being able to revisit previous entries.  Not only does this help improve dream recall, but it also can be an interesting way to see how you’ve progressed.  Patterns can be seen by making note of the date; if you regularly have poor-quality sleep on Fridays, for example, you will be able to see how it affects your dreams.

Note Themes, Characters, and Reoccurring Ideas

By taking note of reoccurring themes from dreams, you increase the likelihood that you will have a lucid dream in the future.  You can train your mind to associate these images or ideas with a dream state, which will encourage you to become more aware when you see them.

Sketch Scenes

Whether you are a good artist or not, sketch any strong images you remember from the dream.  When looking back on the journal, if see those images, you will be able to visualize and remember the dream more vividly. As you become better at recognizing how things look in your dreams, you will be more likely to recognize a dream state, thereby having more lucid dreams.
Overall, dream journals are essential if you wish to further your ability to lucid dream.  Quickly jotting down the date and reoccurring themes from the dream will go a long way in improving your dream recall.

Traveling to Georgia for Seminars: Here’s a Resource Guide

Georgia is a BIG state.

With two international airports, and 10.1 million people (that’s twice as many people as Alabama!), you can be sure that you may get lost if you fly into Georgia and try to take a weekend course.

We’re writing this because it happened to us: we attended a blogging seminar in Atlanta, and booked a hotel right next to the airport.

The wrong airport.

Needless to say, that was just the beginnings of our problems. But we’ve learned from this events and wanted to create a guide for others to have a carefree experience when they come to Georgia for job training, seminars, or conventions. First lesson: make sure you book near the right airport and use this hotel discount code to save money on it.

Step 1:

Before you go, get Park ‘N Fly. Seriously, this is the greatest thing in the world. You can park your car in a hotel parking lot for days, get up early for your flight, and it’ll be there when you get back. It’s not expensive, either. You can also use a parknfly coupon to save 20% off as well.

Step 2:

Know your airport. There are 2 major airports in Georgia: Savannah/Hilton Head and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

While there are plenty of hotels around each airport, they are not close to each other so you should make sure you book the right one (unlike us!).

Or you can book a hotel somewhere closer to the location of your course/seminar/convention. Most of the time it’s easier to book in the same hotel so you can stroll downstairs for your course. Of course, rates tend to go up during those times as well! And be sure to use a coupon when booking the hotel, you can always get a deal and you never need to pay full price!

Step 3:

For transport, we recommend Uber. It’s active in Savannah and Atlanta, both places where you are most likely to have your course. However if your course is in a more rural area, then either getting a taxi or rental car might be necessary.

Ways To Sharpen Your Skills At Home

Let’s say you’ve done the whole resume-preparing, job interview thing and it hasn’t worked. For whatever reason, people aren’t biting. One thing you can do while you are waiting for people to call is to improve your resume by adding new skills.

One way you can do this is to take online courses. Let’s say you want to add a programming language, or want to become more proficient in a particular application (i.e. Excel, Quicken). You can do this for under $10 if you are a crafty shopper! You will likely be watching a lot of videos and/or listening to audio recordings, so you may want to invest in a good pair of headphones as earbuds or poor quality headphones can get very uncomfortable if you are using them for long periods of time.

One such website is Udemy. They are probably the most popular of online class websites. And, if you shop around for a coupon, you can take their courses for as little as $10. It’s not free, but for the cost of a couple lattes you can add a new skill to your resume. And that may be the difference between finding employment in a couple of weeks or a few months.

Another one? While they haven’t started streaming courses a la Udemy or just yet, there are tons of courses available for purchase on CD’s and DVD’s. They have helpful customer reviews. Plus if you’re a Prime member, you can use a coupon and it’ll get to you within 24 hours.

Other sites include Coursera, Udacity and these websites all differ in the type of courses offered. is geared towards tech applications, so if you want to learn Microsoft office applications or Photoshop, this site will probably have the greatest selection of courses available to you.

Udacity also offers a wide selection of free courses. Not only that, they offer a nanodegree credential in various web development fields.

These types of courses also look good if you mention them in job interviews. You can mention the fact that you are taking courses to increase your skills and competencies in certain areas. It demonstrates to potential employers that you are a self-starter that’s capable of self-directed work, and that you want to learn and grow.

This is one thing that potential employers look for in new employees.

All in all, this is a quick, cheap, low-to-no risk strategy for increasing your attractiveness to new potential employers!

Not only that, but you may find that you like a particular subject more than you thought it would, and it could leaed you down a new career path that you hadn’t previously anticipated.

How To Get Financed For School Programs in Georgia

So You’ve Found a Course That Will Set You on a New Career: Now What?

It happens to everyone. You want to start a new career in a particular field, and decide that this career is your future. You find a training program that will get you certified in your particular field. Now you just take that course, get hired, and starting making money doing something you love. Right?

Except that there’s the tuition costs. It’s usually in the thousands, and you’re looking for a new job because you’re out of money.

So what now?

Luckily there are options here in the State of Georgia that can help you to finance your education in a way that will enable you to pay back the cost of your course in 1 or 2 years with minimal hassle and interest.

One such place is the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

You’re lucky if you live in Georgia, because this commission is one of the best in the country.

The commission started way back in 1965 as a way to provide scholarships to students at all levels: middle-school, high school, college and university. These scholarships are funded by both state funds and lottery revenue, so Georgia will charge you a very low interest rate on your loan.

Here’s their website:

Another resource if the GAcollege 411 website.

This website is created by the state, but has a patronizing ‘let’s try to appeal to young people’ look and feel to it. Despite that, it’s full of useful information for all levels of students. You can type in all your information and it will tell you exactly how much you qualify for, and what you need to do to get yourself enrolled.

Here’s their website:

Phlebotomy – Health Care Employment With Affordable Education

Looking For Employment in the Health-Care Field?

There used to be an old saying that if you wanted a guaranteed job for life, work for the government. Well, that isn’t true anymore, as government services are no safer than private sector jobs. But one field that isn’t going anywhere? Health Cafe. We’ll always need hospitals, and with an aging population is only looks to increase.

Even if you can’t afford medical school, you can get a medical job with just 12 weeks of college. How? By becoming a Phlebotomist.

What is a Phlebotomist? These are the people that will usually take your blood when you’re in the hospital, or at a blood bank. You assumed everyone wearing blue scrubs was a nurse? Nope. There are also medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, and radiology technicians.

The average salary for a Phlebtomist is approximately $31,000, but that number can be misleading. The actual average salary varies widely based on the cost of living in a particular area. If you live in San Francisco, for example, your salary will be significantly higher than if you live in a rural area in the midwest.

While these salaries are not exactly what Doctors and Surgeons tend to make, there are two major benefits to joining the health care field in one of the above occupations.

  1. The average Phlebotomy training program – 12 weeks. – That’s right: no 7 years of school, no medical school, no stressful exams. You can take one of these courses and be an employed full-time worker in just a couple of months. The cost of these programs is also around $800-$3,000, which is a student debt you can easily pay off (and get financing for).
  2. Flexibility – You’re not confined to working in a hospital, if that’s not what you want to do. There are lots of places that hire full-time Phlebotomists: blood donor clinics, laboratories, health clinics, blood drives and many more businesses that are looking for qualified Phlebtomists.

You can also take your qualifications and move to another part of the country! While some states like California and Florida have specific training requirements (which you can easily apply for and get), for the most part you are free to travel to a new state and start applying for available positions in your area.